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Sir Kris

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this picture represents the effect called mis-en-abyme'

WELCOME to my website!
Here you'll learn about what i do best: teaching English.
If you're my student the immediate benefit is to be oriented with what type of student i require to able for you to fare good in my specific subject.
All my students are advised to keep posted in this portal for this would constantly remind you of your obligations, learn techniques on how you could handle your tasks--you can even send in your questions i might answer if i am not being bothered by Goethe or Hesse.
Happy learning!
The winning horse doesn't know why it runs a race.
It runs beacause of the whip and pain.
studying is a race; if you are in pain, then clearly, the teacher wants YOU to win.





Language and Teaching Consultants



What Makes Us Different?


     Composed of dynamic and rigidly trained staff that includes sought after university professionals at par with the most recent trends in conducting in-house seminars, our multi-faceted approach seeks to enhance the learning, literacy, and communication success of all clients. Our trainers employ a variety of approaches to enhance communication skills in various levels using our self-developed Communication Improvement Modules.


Contractual Services to Schools:


          Faculty Assessment/ Evaluation and Training

          Intensive English Language Review Program for Teachers

          Intensive Language Review Program for College/ High school Students

          Effective Teaching Strategies Workshop

          Curriculum Design/ Module Development


Other Services:

          Pronunciation Training/ Accent Modification

          Corporate Communication Training

          Public Speaking Workshop

          English Language Proficiency Program


Contact Us: Abet (0906) 514-9149, Aisa (0906) 514-9148, Jovie (0928) 336-8262, & Kris (0920) 652-5174


My friends call me Kris, my students Sir Kris... and I call myself Krisanto Nweba. It would have been easier had i called this website Kris--but that's for Teta Aquino--a woman.


this is me!

you are my (the number above) th visitor

ELF Basic (Eng.1 Students Enter ELF)!

Warning: Contents Might Be Explicit for Morons
Stupidos are Advised  Not to Stay Longer!!!