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i am a hound of literature

I am a hound of literature.
One of the few who took the course who many view as just plain caprice because of the belief that anybody can learn how to read on their own.
The pleasure of living a life of literature is something i cannot trade--i can share, yes, but never trade.
I eat poems, i buy novels instead of food.
I learned how to love life the way a human being should.
I am a hound of literature.



My personal philosophy of education:


Of Cobs and Cobwebs

  Well, I should admit I was one of those university graduates who just had no other choice but to re-enter the academic region for bread and butter.

   It was not that it is not sensible—it is a matter of, right now I don’t have the face to look into my old student’s eyes.

   I was superior—I thought I was and like Icarus who was found by the sun I fell down from my proud flight.

   Honestly, all that I had when I entered this university was financial need and Attention Deficit Disorder.

   We were a match, teaching and I.

    Students for me then were cobs—a semester is forty days and then I’ll have to sell them out. No strings attached and nothing more than that.

    I used to be defensive with my teaching method backed up by stock knowledge and 5 minute before class preparations.

    My usual teaching strategy for students was: “sit back, be scared for you should learn or else…” and it’s but one hour and a half of dictatorship.

    My defense was—I am giving an absolutely better education than that I have received from my alma mater the Fastest Earning University (FEU).

    I was a cobweb where I teach. Yes. I was.

    I learned this and I learned that (too many to mention). This made me more sensitive.

    In Araullo I had to cross arms with rubrics, strategies, revisions, battle plans, pile-up of unheard things upon another.

    Then a thought dawned on me…

 Why am I teaching?

  “I was forewarned: “It is always easier to teach than to beg.”

   Certainly if one is serious about his preoccupation he would consider having a sense of direction. Having not to resort to stealing—yes, because to teach unsatisfactorily is like being a thief in broad daylight and this is something that students would never forget.

   I would be hypocrite not to say that I desire to be the best. Performance wise, I should say that I am currently starting to learn my craft—and treat my teaching as art.

I don’t like dogs

   I want to teach like a painter paints, the classrooms are my canvas and the students my portraits—and my portraits do not look like dogs.

   I wouldn’t like to see dogs coming out of this university.

   (Dogs eat more than they want.

   Dogs bark without sense.

   Dogs do their sex on the street.

   Dogs can’t be diplomats.

   Dogs can’t be saints.

   Dogs have to be fed.

   Dogs are tired with nothing accomplished.

   Dogs are everywhere.)

   For I don’t eat dogs and the society is fed up with dog-mans.

   This is the reason why I don’t bite or shout at students. I treat students like masters never like dogs.

How Do I Train Human Beings?

    Since human beings are my subjects—I have to treat them like human beings.

    A teacher must explore the wonders of the human race.

   May I compare sex with education?

   When I teach, since I don’t teach just one or two students no teacher must be monogamous.     

    Every student desires and prefers her own style and the teacher must provide for each. He must ignore no one.

   In the Kama Sutra there are 6000 plus known sexual positions. Since teaching is more complicated and that the students if would not be given variety might go out on a date with ignorance, he/ she must learn the 6,000 plus ways to teaching and apply it.

   Lastly, it must be made sure that they would always experience in the class intellectual orgy. Let every learners moan with ecstasy for experiencing more than just the missionary objective of knowledge and comprehension. Let them find through your guidance their climax through analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and creation.

   Let their minds be fertile… be naked with the ideas.

   The students are not the king’s concubines who are not allowed to complaining, questioning, and reacting.

   The teacher is just but a part of the orgy.

 There are Teachers and There are Teachers

    The academe is a place for people: “intelligent and those pretending that they are.”

    Those who really are: are those who always innovate and fears no change. Those who are not, are those who would never understand and would always fret.

    The good ones always benefit, even from the bad ones. They would always consider what they would become if they would decide to cross the always available crooked path.

    “The ideal learning environment, is an ideal teaching environment.” This may be a bit Marxist but this is true. Before we learn to love others let us feel like we are loved. 

    Teachers are in the background yes but those who surround them must also be sensitive.

    Teachers are pretty much touchy about their concerns because they know this.

    The ideal learning environment is when teachers are so in love with the institution they are protecting.

    For it is where they can do group dynamics or complex instruction, not where there are five in one chairs that defeats the purpose.

    For it is where they can feel how just it is to live, being ranked and paid according to his performance and credentials—not because he came from some Jesuit University.

    It is where he is trained not for circus. But to improve his craft, be wiser, be more productive, more service oriented not because he will have to handle more subjects than he can handle the following semester.

    For it is where, when he takes away the cobweb covering his eyes—he will never discover he is being treated like a dog.

i love flies, i eat flies, i write about them--i want to be known as the fly poet.

1. literati or dumb are the only distinctions of people. (one who sucks the marrow of life or one who doesn't know what a marrow is)
2. there are too many numb people already--literature teaches man to be sensitive and more humane.
3. you can avoid the "herd complex" (the sickness of the time: people now are all like sheeps--eat like the others, sleep like the others, and smell like the others) thru literature.
4. the best preparation for law is literature. (no need to explain further)
5. the world is then and now. The then is not plainly about history. We do not discuss culture in history deeper than how we appreciate the culture of the demised in literature.
6. because all the pursuits in literature is intended towards one simple and natural tendency of man--his quest for immortality, you'd love God better. (if you'd just think about it: too many beautiful words are painted on pages and until now i can't resolve this wonder. Can man really be alone and do all of these things?)
7. i love to discover new things and with literature you'll never run out of these things. your life time is not complete to cover all man's genius.
8. there's something you know that i do not know--i need to know it.

Post Flight

I am here for no reason

i speak of no consequential truth

i clap without clear understanding

i'll leave without leaving a proof

i am what i must be

as your creator created me

But i kiss the death of my choice

i may while coveting your mango

While peeping on a hole

or kissing you-and dying should still be worth it

i am on top of this page--as one might

fold this page as fast as you could

without looking at my eyes


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

In the Bedroom, North Country, Vanilla Sky, Fight Club, My Fair Lady, Fiddler on the Roof, Osama, Mishima, Salo, Cinema Paradiso, Bagger Vance, Moulin Rouge, An Affair to Remember, In the Realm of the Senses, Rashomon, In the Time of the Butterflies, The Gods Must Be Crazy, Star Wars 1-6, Lord of the Rings, Central Station, Schindler's List, Forest Gump, Shakespeare in Love, Amelie, Cerano De Bergerac, The Mothman Prophecies, 50 First Dates, Iris, Demetrius and the Gladiators, Ben-hur, Monster, and Helen of Troy

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:
1. Symphony 3 (Mahler)
2. Anything Greek
3. Pagliacci (I'm a sucker for the Classics)
4. Beatles Hits
5. Carpenters Hits
6. the Platters Collection
7. The Prayer

Warning: Contents Might Be Explicit for Morons
Stupidos are Advised  Not to Stay Longer!!!