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Sir Kris

Kristofferson Soriano

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#71 Valenzuela, Sta. Rosa, Nueva Ecija, Philippines (3102)

Home:           (044) 968-0416

Mobile         09172769136/ 09206525174


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To seek personal and professional growth in the academic field and as a 
hound of literature to profess the values inert with the literary study.


Personal Information


Birth Date:      November 16, 1981            Age:                            24

Birth Place:    Binondo, Manila                 Citizenship:            Filipino

Civil Status:    Single                                    Sex:                            Male

Height:            5’9”                                         TIN No. 216-641-643-000

SSS No.         33-6985652-3             PhilHealth No. 07-050314739-2



Summary of Experiences, Qualifications/ Skills:

English Proficiency Seminar Lecturer (Inhouse/ Outbound)
Teaching Strategy Trainer/ Lecturer (Inhouse/ Outbound)
Curriculum Designer/ Planner/ Strategist/ Researcher
Literature Specialist/ Reviewer
Pronunciation Geek
School Paper/ Folio Adviser
School Paper/ Folio Editor
Speakers Council Head Adviser
Computer Literate ( Word, Excel and Powerpoint)
Poet/ Short Story Writer
Program Hosting/ Voice Over
Events Organizer


Subjects Taught:

Basic Communication Arts and Skills
Expository Writing
Speech and Oral Communication
Business English/ Technical Writing
Language Review
Public Speaking and Debate
Philippine Literature
World Literature
Creative Writing
Literary Criticism
Childrens Literature
English-American Literature
Afro-Asian Literature
World Poetry
Advanced Expository Writing
Applied Linguistics
Teaching English as Second Language
Teaching Literature
Philosophy of Literature
Reading Remediation
Essay Writing
Editorial and Feature Writing
Research for Criminology Students
Research for Nursing Students
Research for Education Students




Description: Consistent Academic, Foundation, and Working Scholar (simultaneously during collegiate years).



October 2002- Present        Master of Arts in English (Literature)

                                                Thesis Writing (Academic Units Accomplished)

                                                Manuel Luis Quezon University

                                                Manila, Philippines



Thesis (Working Title):


The Narratological Framework: A Structural Analysis of Short Stories;  A Basis for Improvement of Instructional Materials



October –March 2005          Education Units (18 Units)

                                                Araullo University-PEN


June 1998- April 2002          Bachelor of Arts in English (Literature)

                                                Far Eastern University

                                                Manila, Philippines


                                                Diploma: April 2004



Honors, Awards, and Scholarships Received


                        January 2002 Academic Excellence Award

                                                            Recognition for Being a Consistent

                                                            Fidel V. Ramos Scholar 

                                                            (The Angela Ramos Foundation Scholarship) 

                                                            (October 1999-October 2001)

                                                            and Academic Scholar  1st and 2nd Semester

                                                            School Yr. 2001-2002


                        January 2001 Academic Excellence Award

                                                            Recognition for Being a Consistent

                                                            Academic Scholar 1st and 2nd Semester

                                                            School Yr. 2000-2001


                        January 2000 Academic Excellence Award                 

                                                            Recognition for Being a Consistent

                                                            Academic Scholar 1st and 2nd Semester

                                                            School Yr. 1999-2000




June 2004-Present                           English/ Literature Instructor (IV)

                                                Araullo University—PHINMA Education Network

                                                            Bitas, Cabanatuan City


Award Received:

                        21 April 2006             Certificate of Recognition

For ranking # 9 in the

Overall College Faculty Evaluation

                                                            Grand Victoria Mansion, Cabanatuan City


Note: He is consistently ranked as one of the AU-PEN's Outstanding Faculty


June 2002-March 2004                    English/ Literature Instructor

                                                            Systems Technology Institute (STI)

                                                            Parañaque, Metro Manila



Trainings Held/ Seminars Lead



October 2005                        School-based English Proficiency Seminar

                                                            For the Public School Teachers

                                                            Marciano Del Rosario Memorial National

High School, Pamaldan, Cabanatuan City



September 2005                English Proficiency Lecture-Workshop

                                                            For the Public School Teachers

                                                            AVR-Administration Building

                                                            Araullo University-PEN


Summer 2005                       English Usage Confidence and Proficiency

Seminar for the AU Faculty

Law Building, Araullo University-PEN





Special Programs or Seminars Attended



5-9 June 2006                       Seminar on Curriculum Design and Instruction

                                                AVR, Administration Building, AU-PEN


29 May-2June 2006              Seminar on the Philosophy of Education

                                                AVR, Administration Building, AU-PEN


April 2005                              Seminar on English Proficiency (Phase III)   

Conference Room, Araullo University

(Four week-long seminar on enhanced confidence with regards to the use of the English language with techniques on conducting English proficiency seminar for the other university faculty)



January 2005             Seminar on the Seven Habits of

Highly Effective People                                        Aracellis Restaurant, (CAS Lectures)



May 2004                               Seminar on English Proficiency (Phase I)      

Araullo University, Law and Criminology Building

(Week-long seminar on the English language know how’s)





September 2005- Present               Knights of Columbus

                                                            3692 (Cabanatuan City Council)


Rank:                          3rd Degree Knight


Position:                     Council Recorder


Warning: Contents Might Be Explicit for Morons
Stupidos are Advised  Not to Stay Longer!!!